Monday, February 4, 2013

A Literary Walk #5

East Sussex
A Walk With P.L. Travers
50 miles 
around the country side of East Sussex
 Castles and Gardens tour
 P.L. Travers was born in Australia
but wrote Mary Poppins in Sussex England.
I was unable to find any info on where the house
is that she lived and wrote but
it was a thatched roof cottage so I followed the
Sussex tour route instead.

Favorite Character:
Mary herself...she is so crotchedy
and so vain and is NEVER wrong
but underneath all that is magic that 
she will NEVER own up to have done
or seen even though she was there and 
made it all happen!

Favorite quote:
"Mary Poppins," she said, looking very hard at her,
"were you at the Zoo last night?"
Mary Poppin's eyes popped.
"At the Zoo? In the middle of the night? Me? 
A quiet, orderly person who knows that 
early to bed, early to rise makes
a man healthy wealthy and wise?"
"But were you?" Jane persisted
"I have all I need of Zoos in this nursery, 
thank you," said Mary Poppins uppishly
"Hyenas, orangoutangs all of you.
Sit up straight and no more nonsense."

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