Friday, February 8, 2013

A Literary Walk #6

A Walk with Paddington Bear
around London
15 miles
 Paddington Station

Portobello Road Market
Favorite Character:

Paddington of course! He is a very
resourceful bear who can manage to
get himself in and out of scrapes with ease
(and a penetrating stare if necessary!)

Favorite Quote:
"Well, I'm going to leave you now", (said Judy)
"so that you can have your bath and
come down nice and clean.
You'll find two taps, one marked hot
and one marked cold. There's plenty of soap and
a clean towel. Oh, and a brush so you can scrub
your back."
"It sounds very complicated," said Paddington.
"Can't I just sit in a puddle or something?"
Judy laughed...."And don't forget to wash
your ears. They look awfully black."
"They're meant to be black," Paddington
called indignantly as Judy shut the door.

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