Saturday, February 9, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

This week I took a class with Lea
learning how to use the up and coming
(or should I say exploding!)
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
These boards are a few of the many
techniques that can be done
with the products 
which are available at Rusty G.

I've been a spray paint upcycler
this past year so painting with a
brush and technique is a new approach for me!

This paint can be used on anything...even
Leather and Fabric!


  1. I was just looking up that paint online this week, and I saw Rusty Glamor listed as a retailer, I'll def be getting some! A class would be fun, do you know if there will be more?

  2. Yes she is offering classes weds morning or evening. You sign up and pay at Rusty G

  3. Thanks Karen, I'll look into it :)


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