Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lucky Brand Inspiration and Questions

I like the Lucky Brand, but can't
justify the cost, so I used some fabric
that had the "look" 
and made a peasant style tunic.
The pattern is Simplicity 2310 
with some modifications.

Get to know me Questions
1. eye color? Blue/green
2. Real hair color? blond w/ LOTS of gray
3. Heritage? Finnish ancestry, Lutheran church
4. Shoes you wore today?
Naturalizer mary janes (see above)
5. My weakness? Sweets
6. My greatest fear? Snakes
7. Country I'd most like to visit? England
8. Fave Christmas song? Rose of Bethlehem
9. Perfect Pizza?
BLT with avocado at California Pizza Kitchen
10. Fave store? Ross
11. Do you like thunderstorms? No
12. What you would eat right now?
a non-gluten free croissant
13. Who is your favorite author? Jan Karon
14. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?
Snorkeling in the middle of the ocean
15. Who do you most want to meet? Jesus

NOW I'd love to hear from you what your answers are!
Let me know if you do so I can check them out:)


  1. Cute tunic!! I answered the questions on my blog:)

  2. you so inspire me to sew myself some clothes! When I get some time off in December I am going to attempt it:) BTW Shanas photos will be done in a week or two so you will be able to send out christmas cards using the family photos:)

  3. I have brown eyes.My hair color is brown with lots of gray.My heritage is Irish , English, Cherokee and Dutch.I am a baptized Baptist but believe more toward Lutheran,Espicopalian faiths.Shoes I wear most days New Balance running shoes.My weakness is sweets.My fear is losing those I love most.Country I would most like to visit is Italy.Favorite Christmas song is Mary Did You Know.I don't really like pizza. My favorite store is bookstores and World Market.I love thunderstorms I missed them so much when we lived in Oregon.I would love to eat a Blt right now.I have so many favorite authors but I do love Jan Karon, MC Beaton,Karen White and so many others.The most exciting thing I have ever done is move out west.I dont know who i most want to meet but would love to see all my deceased family members.


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