Thursday, November 24, 2011

For All These Things I am Thankful

  1. Each breath I take
  2. The hope of Heaven
  3. My Children
  4. My Grand children
  5. My friends
  6. Good books
  7. Good food
  8. Warmth and light
  9. A home
  10. Health
We are given each day as a gift, to live, to breathe
to enjoy the place we inhabit.
There are millions who have no hope beyond this life,
no family to love and spend time with, 
and no friends to call or go to visit.
And just think of being unable to read...there are millions who
for various reasons, can't!
There are starving people all around the world, 
right now, today...
who live in conditions I have never experienced-
with no home, no warmth, no light to turn on
when it's dark. 
And there are too many to count who have had 
their health taken from them and live in 
constant pain and fear....
Lord., we who have so much...
let our hearts be broken by the things that break Your heart
and be truly thankful for every blessing!

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