Saturday, June 19, 2010

A True Father

This is my Dad.
This year he will be 90 years old.
He has been, not just a Dad,
but a true father to his family.
He not only took care of our physical needs
and wants, but to this day cares
more about our spiritual health
than anyone else has ever done.
He still prays for each of his 8
living children, their spouses, children and
grandchildren by name every day, and
he just had his 128th (I think!)
great-grandchild added to his family.
He continues to love my Mom with
a true love, that has not wavered
in all the 60 + years they've been married.
When he goes to glory someday
I can't imagine who will be praying for me and
taking care of my soul like he has. He will be irreplaceable.
I never doubted God's Father heart because
I have such a great example and he gave me a solid
familiarity with God's Word
that has been a lifetime guide and joy in
my own life. If every child was raised
in a home with a Dad like mine
the world would be a much better place!
Thanks, Dad
I love you!


  1. That's awesome:) By the way, I did use real denim - it was an old skirt. I have a big container of old denim to make a quilt some day.

  2. What an awesome tribute to your dad....and great picture too!


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