Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sassy Stripes

Thanks to for the tutorial
on making a little girls' "Beachcomber Dress".
My daughter had seen a dress at Gap for her
little girl but it was too spendy.
When I found this junior dress at Ross for $6.99
I knew I could use it to make a pretty good replica .I cut off the cowl neck and used it for the yoke.
It is folded down and elastic sewn in.
The bottom of the dress was reused as the bottom
of her dress with the hem intact:)

I used strips of the fabric and braided it for the ties.

Here she is looking very sassy in her
new dress. I had to put her on the table
to get her to stay still long enough to take
the pic!
Here's the back view:)
Easy project and fun!

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  1. That's a cute little dress. It's neat that you can find so many tutorials on here. Aimee recently re-made a shirt by using a tutorial she found.


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