Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Desk Redo/Room Redo Part 1

Remember this desk from my room redo post?
(and the blue walls?!) Here's the desk redone with the new wall color behind,.
I used Homestead Resort Olive from Lowes for the desk
base color, sanded it and then antiqued it with acrylic
Burnt Sienna to give it more of an aged look.
Question: does anyone know why it still feels
a little tacky after 3 days?
This is my first furniture painting project so
I may have done something wrong.

The wall color is also from Lowes-
Olive White

By the way the predrilled holes were 4 inches apart
for the drawer pulls and there are NO 4 " pulls
to be had so I resorted to 2 knobs per drawer,
not exactly what I wanted...but...
I wasn't about to special order any for
an old desk that will be in a spare room!


  1. ooo love it does take a while to totally dry..but the weather may have something to do with it too..humitity is a factor sometimes..looks great tho'

  2. Very nice looking!!! I really like the colors and the distressed/aged look!

  3. Love, love the redo!! I'm not a painter - can't help you with that.

  4. Love it-as usual;) lol I agree with stephanie-it prob is the weather:( it'll dry soon though


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