Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Suggested Reading for Girls of All ages

I just had to put in a plug for one of
my favorite series of all time.
It is the Betsy/Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace.
They are perfectly geared to all ages because the first book
takes place when the girls are 5 and is written very simply
so a girl close to that age could read them. Then each book
starts getting a little more advanced,
following the lives of a set of girl friends in the early 19oos,
and eventually ends
with the girls grown up and getting married. Anyone from Minnesota will recognize many of the things
mentioned as it takes place there.
I think I have read them 100s of times and finally
just purchased the set, so my granddaughter
can start them when she is old enough.
Although they are not technically Christian
they were written back in the days
of morals and church going in most
of America so are appropriate for anyone to read.
I hope all of you young and old are getting some
summer reading done!


  1. I really liked those books when I was young, and my mom just loves them! Think I'll order them for my girls too, they're the perfect age to start reading them:)

  2. I loved reading these when I was a girl - and I know I've seen some, if not all, of my older girls reading them.

  3. OH, will definitely buy these! BTW...did you know you are one of Monday's winners?:)

  4. I LOVED these books when I was little! :)

  5. sounds like sweet books:) hopefully sylvie will like to read as much as I do!

  6. I have read these books so many times. In fact, I was just thinking it is about time to read them once again. I love these books. Such a simple time. Have you read "Emily of Deep Valley"? Some day I will go to Mankato, MN !


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