Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Room Redo Inspiration

I posted quite awhile back (Feb, 11)
about a room redo I was planning.
At that point I had a very blue room with
a desk and questions about what I should use the
room for. After that a dark brown leather
hide-a-bed got moved in there...
so it became a guest room/ office by proxy!
Anyway I finally came up with enough ideas
to get started! The walls are painted a soft green, and the desk will
be the darker green as seen in the Pottery barn catalog.
I will keep you posted as I put it together,
and do the various crafts required!
The soft green really made the room look
so serene and light, I'm so glad I chose that:)


  1. I like the combination - looks like it will be a really pretty room!


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