Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scrapbooking in the Round

In the sewing splurge of the last few months, my scrappin' has taken a back seat. Yesterday I finally sat down and finished a round scrapbook of our anniversary, that I started last fall....yikes
It was a round scrapbook I found in the dollar bin at Target last summer. Although it had a pink cover, that was easy to change and it came with 20 round pages! I didn't end up using them all but still for the price.....

I used the Marrakech line from Basic Grey that I got on clearance. I'm really pleased with the final effect, but working with circle paper can be a little more challenging...I ended up punching holes for the ring that holds it all together in the wrong edge on several pages and had to cover up those holes with more ribbon!
But one more project off my to do list, especially as another scrappin convention and retreat are coming up and I want to start on some new things:)

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  1. Wow- LOVE it! I have a round one that I haven't started yet... hmm, might have to do it now :)


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