Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inspirations Right Now

I have been thinking about inspiration and what I inspires me Right Now...

1. Color! Lots of it and in every shade...give me one more gray day and I'll shrivel up:(
2. Other Blogs...there are some incredibly talented people out there in Blogland! At first I get a little intimidated viewing others creations and creative processes, but then I get excited about all the possiblities out there:)
3. Learning new things...theres so much to learn that sometimes I can hardly breathe!
4. Older folks....I just love the wrinkles and the wisdom and the soft watching for a better place!
5. Children...dimples and rumples and pudgy hands and the sheer joy in living,theres nothing like it:)
6. A truly good book! If you haven't tried one by Jan Karon, please do!!!
7. Challenges...this color challenge is really getting me thinking and noticing things I didn't before
8. GOD...nuff said!!

Let me know what some of your "Right Now" inspirations are...I'd love to know!

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