Tuesday, October 6, 2009

shadow box changes

The shadow box in my craft room kept staring at me reproachfully every time I looked at it because all the things I had in it were placed there several years ago and it was feeling a little left out!
So I finally had the get up and go to put together some things I've been collecting into a collage. The theme is vintage fashion (natch!) so I put in a childs pattern from the 60s...

a coat check ticket from some romantic long ago , old ribbons and swatches...

pages from a 1940's French sewing magazine, a couple of new/old tags, shoe photos, a 50's ad for a tennis outfit and some other ephemera.

The finished product is very different from the subdued beach palate I had before, but it really looks colorful and fun with lots of ideas to fuel my creative juices. I think it was smiling demurely as a well brought up shadow box should, as I closed the glass door and turned to go.

1 comment:

  1. I like it:) The colors, the tags,patterns and mostly the ols coat check ticket:) Turned out very cool~


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