Friday, October 9, 2009

Rustic chandelier

Do you ever get those "Why, why, why?! moments? Well I had one the other day when my new Pottery Barn catalog arrived. Awhile back I was in Anthropologie and back in the corner by the elevator was this great, rustic, antique chandelier. I looked it over, checked the price tag and thought "I don't know where I would put it and its too much money anyway" so I just took a picture and walked away. Now I see basically an identical one in Pottery Barn, (not an antique) for $100 more than this one! I can guarantee some one smarter than me bought it that same day...and it would've looked so great on my back porch near the fire place:(


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  2. O this happens to me all the time! I sometimes give in and get something only to have it hang around ...until i find the perfect spot for it and I usually do! have a great weekend!


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