Thursday, October 8, 2009

Front Porch with Gathering Panache

When its time to redo my front porch for each new season, I like to start with a blank slate...

Then I pack up my car with gardening gloves and shears, NO money, that's the best part! and go a-searching. It is amazing what you can find alongside your local country roads.

I get out when I see something intriguing growing in the ditches or side of the road and clip off a few sprigs of each. Watch out, some of them have vicious thorns, my finger tip is pulsing as I type! And count on everyone who passes you by to stare in confusion!

When I have enough I pack it up and bring my "gatherings" home to start putting the branches, grasses, flowers and berries into the galvanized tin vase. The great thing about roadside harvesting is that no water is needed as they dry to a nice patina without it.

Then I fill a wire basket with nuts...(don't let the squirrels see!)

and add in my .50 fake pumpkins I've used for years.

With several attempts and changing things around a few times I finally come up with a pleasing arrangement that will last until I start to decorate for Christmas. Happy Gathering!


  1. So pretty and creative! I would love for my front porch to look this good..well I guess I dont have a front porch but if I did;)

  2. Karen!! you are amazing! LOVE that you gather from the side of the road..thought of doing it before & never have. you just might have motivated me to do it:) like sharla said..i would love to have your front porch. mine is a very sorry, boring, neglected sight right now. needs your loving..any taking?;)


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