Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Church Camp Out 2013

Here is a sample of the great weekend
I just spent with my big church family!
I felt soooo relaxed and happy 
through the whole weekend, even
when it poured rain.
I had hours of visiting and laughing
uproariously, seeing my very dearest friends
all around, joining in with the fun and
 singing around the bonfire late into 
the night.
I felt all my troubles of the past year
retreat and was able to just be.
 dear Edna, boys at play, goofy friends, falls, my
camping gals....
finding an old ladder, good friend, Tom cooking up a storm,
 Telling stories-wait for it- the big laughs are coming!
 The parade begins, niece and great nieces, exploring
The parade ends, fellowship, quiet river, Gwennie,
Tea/over the hill 50th party surprise!

It was a delight in every way and I'm already looking
forward to next year.


  1. Thank you Karen for sharing these! What a fun weekend!

  2. It looks like such fun! And I'm ever so happy to see a picture of my sweet sister and her lovely girls! :)

  3. That's wonderful you had such a great time. I LOVE the picture of my mom! Thank you, Karen, for sharing it! :-) ~Karina


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