Thursday, May 9, 2013

What is a True Man of God?

My brother-in-law Mike
passed away from brain cancer a month 
ago and was laid in his final resting place today.

I have thought often of how I might give a tribute
to him here.
Today it came to me...

A true man of God trusts his Savior for his full salvation
and rejoices in it.
He cares for his family
loves his wife,
disciplines his children with love.
He helps others quietly without
seeking any acclaim for himself.
He carefully stays out of peoples lives and
does not gossip or speak ill of them.
He gently goes about doing good
and never asks for recompense.
He serves the church because the church 
is his family also.
When the end of his life comes
he faces it with strength and dignity
and goes to meet His Lord with an open 
heart and open arms.
That is a true man of God.

In memory of Mike
with much love and prayers to 
my sister Kathy


  1. Very beautifully written!!

  2. Written so nice . . . and, yes, a true man of God!

  3. Such a testament to quiet, Godly and GOOD man.


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