Sunday, May 12, 2013

1940's Picnic for Mother's Day and Birthday 2013

My blog was the inspiration
for the ideas my kids came up with
for this celebration...
from my favorite recipes to
vintage clothes to picnics to hikes...
They did a wonderful job of all
of it and it was a glorious perfect day
with the sun pouring through the trees
onto our picnic place.
My family including spouses and grand kids

 They are truly wonderful adults who love me
and support me and make sure I know 
that I'm special...
I am blessed!


  1. What a fun and special way to honor you for Mother's Day! Beautiful memories made for sure! Love the details they put into it!
    P.S.- I love your blog! Just started following it:)

  2. Love the photos! They are straight from an old black and white show. How neat your family pulled this off as a surprise.

  3. So cute! You wear Gramma's dress well, sweet Auntie! And Tess is positively glowing!

  4. Smashing. Absolutely smashing, all!! Beautiful to see how your children rise up and call you blessed. What inspiration. Love Marcella


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