Friday, May 10, 2013

From Nothing to a Cottage Garden

Since moving to small house
in town I have been trying to make
the best of it...the lack of privacy 
has been different and the idea of
a long summer spent in a sad side yard
made ME sad, so...
I began with this
And after lots of hard work on many sunny
glorious days with sweat pouring down my face, 
I have something I have always wanted-

A Cottage Garden

 The ladder above was my Dad's and I treasure
it knowing that his feet climbed up and down
it many times through the years.
The potting bench was a free item that 
a thrift store owner begged me to take when I 
bought a few other things.
I finished it with a faux galvanized metal top 
and used a upside down shelf for the top.


  1. Oh, my heart! Its absolutely wonderful! Wish I was there, having a coffee with you!

  2. Lovely! Your ladder brings tears to my eyes! May you find much joy and peace in this garden recluse! Blessings always.

  3. How adorable ... just way TOO cute :))))) You are so creative and it will make you happy !!!

  4. Looks beautiful! You have a real gift for seeing the charm in the ordinary, and making it shine.

    Thanks for sharing that gift with the neighborhood, we are sure glad to have you. :)

  5. That's adorable! I hope to have a cottage garden someday, too! (And maybe a cottage to go along with it!)


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