Saturday, June 1, 2013

Coffee Table w/ Chalk board

I found the perfect coffee table to redo. 
I was looking for something with squares 
and this was amazingly exact to what I wanted.
The main part of the table is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in Cream
with the wax finish, and the squares
are chalkboard paint.
Wouldn't this be great for grand kids
to write on or for
keeping score while playing a game?!
It will be for sale at Rusty G as soon as I can
fit it in my booth.


  1. Karen, I'm looking through your blog and just in awe of your talent, both the redoing furniture and writing talent! I need to come check out your rusty glamour booth! At this time of my life I find that I don't have time for anything creative (newborn baby).. and I love looking at other peoples creativeness!
    Praying for you and your family often!
    Love, Liv


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