Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened ...Albany #3

The Saturday I spent touring Albany was
the first time I purposely dressed in "vintage".
I'm not sure if I was quite ready for the reaction
I received! I must have had 50 people comment
on one or more parts of my outfit and
many more were watching me everywhere
I went...! For a person who likes to just
"be alone doing my own thing"
it was a bit overwhelming and
a little embarrassing too.
At the end of the day a photographer
from the Visitors Association asked
to take and publish my picture!
This is the photo he took and may use.
I had to laugh, especially as all
the pieces of my "outfit"
were modern, and none were
truly vintage:)
Not sure if I will dare to ever "dress up" again!


  1. Cute picture:) Yeah, that would be a bit embarrassing for everyone to be looking at you all day!!

  2. How awesome is that?! I am really appreciating vintage clothing more and more. I just love seeing it on people. Your new/vintage inspired outfits look very cute on you! Don't ever stop!
    Maybe you need an old car to go with your outfit now!


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