Monday, September 13, 2010

Albany #2 Carousel Museum and Workshop

I found a delightful museum in Albany,
that anyone who loves to ride a carousel
will appreciate:)There are actual horses and other pieces from
old carousels in the museum room,
and then a whole workshop all staffed by volunteers
who are drawing, carving, painting
and glazing all the pieces for a new carousel
that will be housed in Albany.
They said at the rate they are moving
it will be done in about 7 years!

Anyone who is interested can be trained
to help with whatever part they are interested in.
There were carvers working on blocks of wood,
creating animals and other parts,
and painters working in the paint workshop,
so you can see all stages of the process!
Absolutely fascinating
to the artist in me!

I would highly recommend a visit there
with children, artistic folk and anyone else
who might be interested.


  1. How cool!! I would love to go here too, thanks for sharing this! Lisa ;-)

  2. That looks neat - I love carousels!

  3. Wow ~ that is really cool! It would be really cool to see! And they take a lot of time . . . they'll be done in 7 years!?! WOW! Aimee


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