Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Covered Bridges of Linn County Albany #4

The very last stop on my day trip was to find
some covered bridges a few miles from
Albany. Oregon has the largest amount
of them west of the Mississippi.
For some reason I just love a covered bridge!
By the time I drove to this one I was too tired from
my busy day to try to find any more:)
But it was a good ending to a perfect day!


  1. Karen ~ The bridges are very cool! Thought I'd also tell you about a blog you might like ~ it has some free vintage clipart and some of it's very cute + she has other things, too. Her blog is
    Love, Aimee

  2. I don't really recall ever going to see any, but I love to see pictures of them. They are so neat.

  3. love this pic of you! Your outfit is awesome :)


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