Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brown Challenge #3

The unusual part of this challenge
is that I took a brown crayon
and rubbed it sideways over a piece of paper
placed on top of a sidewalk medallion.
I found this on Officers Row in downtown Vancouver.
I thought this was an unusual way to
have a souvenir of a sight seeing trip.Then I used it on my scrapbook page as
a background along with pictures etc.
This could be used anytime there is lettering
or numbers that is raised or indented on
metal or concrete.
Many older structures will have a building date
engraved somewhere on the property, and
I've also seen stamps in streets and brick,
so there are many ways it could be used:)


  1. Awesome - I remember doing that when I was a kid.

  2. That is such a super neat idea! And it looks so cool! I'll have to try that sometime for a cheap souvenir. Thanks for the idea:)


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