Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Projects, Projects!

I need motivation! I have so many projects cluttering up my craft room and I can't seem to get going on anything...especially sewing...the fabric looks so motivating in the store and then it looks at me longingly from the fabric bin in my closet as the months go by:) Any ideas on how to get motivated?I think what I really want to be doing is planting flowers and sprucing up the porches in prep for summer, but the weather is not cooperating!


  1. I am having the same problem! Must be that time of year... starting to get into the busyness of summer, but still stuck in side, with no motivation to do inside projects!! :(

  2. Hi Karen! Got to you through Jessica Peterson - she's a hoot!

    So . . . I may have something to get you motivated. Do you ever do anything custom for others? I know everything you do is custom but I'm talkin' about for ME. Here's the thing . . .

    I've been looking for a camera bag-laptop bag-purse combo. It would need to be structured and padded with moveable (with velcro) compartments inside. It would probably be as big (maybe taller) as a diaper bag. Have I mentioned that it should be cute and colorful and fun and double as a purse? With cute coordinating fabrics and compartments for cell phone, keys, lip gloss, wallet. . . .

    In my dreams it would be leather - like PINK leather (!) with fabric accents. Fabrics like what you have in your bins, waiting to be used in a spectacular way.

    Whattaya think? Can we do business together?

  3. Oooh - etsy! I've never checked it out. One more place to shop . . .
    Thanks for the suggestion!


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