Monday, May 10, 2010

Harmonious Travel Planning

This post is actually a confession about how odd I am.
If you want to shake your head in disgust, laugh hysterically,
never look at my blog again, etc. that is perfectly understandable:D
My husband, being the kind of person who lives
without ever planning anything,
dissolved into laughter when I told him
this on our trip to Florida (It was his fault! He asked me
how I managed to bring so many clothes that matched
the pastel houses etc. that we saw.)
So this is my secret...
I color coordinate my trips!
Outfits are planned to match what
I may see that day or what the "Feel" of the place has.
I may even work in a theme, such as "city vibe"
or "50's era" or "hawaiian" etc.
depending on where I am traveling.
I may plan my scrapbook papers and theme
that I will use to chronicle my vacation
and then color coordinate with those.
NO, I do not make my husband or kids
coordinate with me! (but I sure wish they would:)
Weird? Probably!
But it sure is fun...

The scrapbook papers that you see above
gave me the theme for a little birthday weekend
trip I am taking with my family.
But I will add in a few western touches
because we're going to Central Oregon:)
When I get back I will post pics about it and then you'll see
how it works out...

The scrapbook papers are called
"Thrift Shop"
Does that give you a small clue about
what I hope to be doing while I'm away?


  1. oh i love the way you think lady! i cant wait to see your photos! i totally get your color coordinating! wish i could do that! lol

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog:) I love this post and I love that you coordinate everything. Sounds wonderful!! Can't wait to see your pictures, the papers are fabulous.

  3. haha sounds kinda like me I am a over planner! Never tried coordinating my clothes with my trip but I will try it next trip I take;)


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