Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gluten Free Puff Pastry Experience

For any of you who don't know this,
making things that are gluten free is a
whole new experience.
I have been doing this for 3 1/2 years
and I still struggle. But hope springs eternal
and when I found a recipe for GF puff pastry
I was so excited to try it!
Above you can see some of the steps
it took to get to the blueberry turnovers on the bottom.
But the process was so time consuming
(all day) and difficult that I had to include the pic below...
Here I am standing on a footstool (because I'm too short)
trying (with no bicep muscles)
to roll frozen butter chunks into very cold dough!
It made me so mad and then I started laughing
at how ridiculous it was so I thought I'd include this shot.

By the way...was it worth it? NO! They tasted like
very tough piecrust with grease bubbling out the sides.
I think it's time to go back to eating healthy
and therefore avoiding anything involving cold butter!


  1. She gave such a good review on them . . . too bad they weren't good:(

  2. Oh no!! lol love the picture;) Im making a gf meal for Emmy and family-my 1st time- we'll see how it turns out:)

  3. Well, at least you got a little workout from it!!!



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