Tuesday, May 20, 2014


"May is the tender promise we know will come true.
If in the earlier months any of us has doubted that
God loves his children, every one, we doubt no longer.
The sun has come back and rises north of the mountain,
gently flooding the windows of the east chamber
 as it comes up, and casting a soft light
 on the brown kitchen wall
behind the supper table as it goes down.
The grass is green and growing and the cattle are out.
One night at milking time a 
new calf is brought up from the pasture.
The seed is in and the long rows of twin leaves rise from the earth.
The apple trees are in rosy bloom, the blossoms of 
wild pear and cherry like white torches 
against the dark woods and the stone wall.
Day and night the air is bright and sweet 
with the scent of budding fruit, 
the flash of wings, and the song
of birds building nests among the flowers.
The whistle of the whippoorwill is a bugle call to summer."
Gladys Hasty Carroll

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