Saturday, May 31, 2014

How Many Miracles?

How many miracles can we ask God for? 
Is there a limit to His mercy
and His grace?
If we ask do we expect to receive what
our minds think is best or what God thinks is best?
These are the questions I have been thinking
a lot about in the past few months and 
especially tonight as our church
faces another night of prayer.
Our Pastor has gone into surgery
for a liver transplant...and we wait
with anxious hearts and prayers for 
just one more miracle!
In his family we have prayed for a 
miracle of release from drug addiction
and his son has been clean over 2 years...
in his family we prayed for his other son
to survive leukemia, pancreatitis,
pain med withdrawal, broken tibia,
ongoing healing...
He has made it 2 years in remission despite
all the complications.
For our pastor we prayed that his liver cancer 
would be healed,
and tonight he gets a new liver...
if God wills it to be so and all goes well.
How many miracles can we ask for
 in one family? 

I don't know-- but what I do know is that there
are no limits set for us in His Word.
He makes it plain that we ought to pray and
ask without ceasing, with faith and in His will.
We should pray even if our faith is as small 
as a mustard seed and He will do
as we ask...according to His will.
So tonight I ask He who knows best for
 just one MORE miracle,
for this family that I have come to know 
and love in such a special way.

I love you Pastor H and Family

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  1. Really unbelievable what they have gone through. But God knows all and it is his will. Prays for Ron and his family! Faith


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