Friday, June 7, 2013

How Many Ways can I use Canning Jars?

I've been using canning jars in so many
ways for the items I sell.
I guess it's because it's that time of year
when a person thinks about preserving 
all the fresh fruits and veggies.
However I don't do that!
I use them in every other way though...
 Storage, candles, twine holder
The red candles are in jars inside a canning holder
I painted white.
All these are for sale at Rusty G

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  1. Boone could never resist buying canning jars, so over the years, we literally had hundreds, probably atleast a thousand of them. Anyway, on a whim I listed them on Craigs list. People had the on there for free, but I charged for them, and I could not beleive how they sold! Hundreds of them! So they are the in thing. Only touble, mow Boone really gathers them up when he sees them as $ signs. so don't know if I'm gaining on the cleaningnup detail! Love you.


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