Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 49th Birthday -Iris Gardens

It was such a glorious day of sunshine
to continue exploring.
The Schreiner Iris Gardens
are just bursting into bloom
and it was bliss to wander
down the rows and look at all
the beauty and color.

 I remember as a young girl visiting an elderly woman
from our church and walking around in her
iris garden. She had rows and rows of them, 
like I had never seen before.
 It made a huge impact on me and 
I've never forgotten how I felt afterwords, like
something inside of me had expanded.
I think that is where my first love of 
flowers and nature was tapped on the shoulder.
So this visit to the Iris Gardens was a real treat
of memories and fresh inspiration.


  1. Very pretty. I love that place!! Wish I could get there more often.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Happy belated Birthday to you!! :-) Grace

  3. Gorgeous ... glad you had beauty on your Day ! Love & Prayers Sis ! Faith

  4. My Mama and my Grandma had iris. I just love them. They have such a delicate scent and are dressed like a princess for the Ball. Planted some given to me last fall, waiting for them to make their debut...wondering what pretty gown they will be wearing.


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