Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog is hiding!

To anyone who is wondering on my lack of
posts lately...
I am unable to view my own blog!
So I have no way of knowing if anyone 
else can either or if any posts have gone
It is a little frustrating to be unable to 
get any help from Blogger-there is not
an easy way to contact an actual person
who can help.
I guess some bloggers have simply woke
up to find their whole blog is gone and
if that happens I will be very sad!
This blog has come to mean a lot
to me in the almost 4 years
I have had it.
If anyone can see it please comment 
so I know you can... Thanks


  1. I see this post!! :) I wonder why it does that though? Just wanted to let you know we can see this post! :)
    -Lexie (Designer of Creative Essentials)

  2. Karen, I can see it fine. I hope you get this resolved because I do enjoy yours alot and would really miss it if something happened to it.
    p.s. Happy Mother's Day

  3. Karen,

    I can see your posts; try going to Elva's blog and entering your blog from there. I know it's very frustrating when thing go haywire!


  4. Karen, your blog is here with the the post. Hope you can find it again.

  5. That is scary, Karen. I can get it, obviously. I hope you get it fixed.

  6. I can see it, Karen! Hopefully you'll start being able to see it soon . . .

  7. Yup, you're still on the airwaves ... but I've been missing you!

  8. I can see it, Karen! Keep blogging:)


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