Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Here's to all the mothers' who have little ones at 
home, lives filled with school age hustle and bustle
or the moms' who wonder if their teens will
ever grow out of the stage they're in...

Once I had a little girl, my first, 
the one who gave me the name Mommy and 
the first one to wrench my heart when 
she proudly got on the school bus that 
first day of kindergarten.
She came to me through
the years, to ask for prayer and to share 
all her joys and sorrows. 
Mine was the shoulder she cried on, 
mine the ears who heard her tell of what 
God had done in her life. 
When we didn't
get along we always worked it out
eventually because she was willing to
face things until they were resolved. 
I could tell  her things 
that no one else would care to listen to 
about my own journey with God and my
struggles to be all I wanted to be....

If I could have done one thing differently
I would have enjoyed the journey more....

because now she is going to become
a bride and walk away into her own life
where I will be only needed when asked
and her husband will become the one
she journeys with. 
Our relationship will not be the same again.
Your child is yours in completeness
for such a little while!


  1. That is so touching Karen! we need to take more moments filled with hugs and just enjoying the blessings he gave us. My mom has told me when a little one comes up to you fussing pick him up instead of saying just a minute. he just needs a min or two with you. then he will want down.It makes for less regrets when they are grown up.Heidi Matson

  2. aww I'm teary eyed! Moms need these reminders often!


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