Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Clutches

At last I finished the clutches that the bridesmaids
will carry in lieu of flowers.
It was a very tedious
project as the fabric snagged easily,
it was a new pattern and also the
batting was a little too stiff for 
the silk type fabric...
anyway they are done!
 As with the felt flower bouquet I now
understand why the cost of these are
so high on the internet-they are time consuming!
But at a fraction of the cost (not including time!)
they were worth making.
 They should look lovely next to the dark brown 
dresses as an accent.
One more thing checked off the list
and less than 3 weeks to go...


  1. Very cute clutch!! By the way, I like the new look of your blog! (I've been meaning to redo my blog look as I don't really like it but haven't got around to it - maybe soon?!?)

  2. Adorable clutches! From the "bag lady" Marcella

  3. Those are very pretty. Is that a new trend . . . or something she's starting? I haven't seen that done before.

  4. These are really pretty! So excited to go to the wedding and see all of the creativity. I haven't been on your blog for awhile, and a lot of your pictures won't show up for me with my internet block! So weird, having Jordan check it for me:)


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