Friday, September 2, 2011

Conversations with a 2 Year Old

"Gamma, is it sunny?"
"No it's cloudy!"
"Where? I don't see any clouds!"
"Where is God?"
'Ummm, up in the sky..."
"In His house?"
"Yes, that's where He lives"
Because that's where He wants to live."
"I can't see His face!"
"No we can't, but He's there."
"Why? Are we going to my house?"
"No, we're going to see Mama and Baby."
At the Doctors."
"Because that's where they are."
"ummm, look at those trees!"

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  1. Haha, sounds pretty accurate!
    P.S. Could you change the commenting "captcha" (code) on your blog? More than once I've left a comment, pressed enter, and as soon as the page changes, closed it. And right before it closes the captcha shows up that I'm supposed to type and press enter again, so the comment doesn't go through.


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