Monday, September 19, 2011

Facing Fall Head On

As soon as the rain started to fall over
the weekend, I felt the gloominess coming on.
 I knew by how dark my house felt
that even though it is fall and I usually 
try to make things cozier, I needed to 
lighten things up a bit to get through 9 months of
gray days...I dug in my closets and went out
to get a few bargains at local thrift stores.
And I just love how my dining room looks!
To lighten up the black side table
I added natural baskets with burlap inserts.
I also tied back my dark curtains w/ rope, moved a 
large silk tree to the other side of the room
and the light just poured in!
Instead of rusts and golds
 I used  mossy green as an accent. 
I took out my dusty candles from the wall sconces
and added faux pears instead.
The lamp shade added a new look to an old lamp.
On the table I reused my burlap table runner from a 
previous party and added an old wood tool box
with pears and moss for the center piece.
 It truly is amazing how a few changes make
the room feel like a brand new house 
and I spent less than the cost of new curtains:)


  1. Pears in place of candles–what a great idea! My house really "comes into its own" during the darker fall and winter months and I revel in the cozy feel of my "cave" so I change up my dining table centerpiece and add a few extra seasonal touches here and there, but that's about it. You are an inspiration! Lovely ideas and lovely pictures with which to showcase them. Marcella


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