Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out in the Fields "Farm to Table" Dinner

I was inspired by a chance encounter
online with "Outstanding in the Field" website...
It seemed only right with such a similar name
that I should do a dinner along the same lines,
and in the same week as my locovore challenge.

I have to say as Chef, shopper and server I spent
the ENTIRE day on this meal!
It was a beautiful evening in the "field"
and my family seemed to enjoy all 
the local bounty.
Some items were purchased at the Farmers Market
including the free range chickens and bread.
The only things I fudged on were once
again seasonings and flavoring, but 
 95% of this meal was locally grown.
To my delight I also finally found a great
GF recipe book so the tart crusts were 
tasty and gluten free:)


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