Sunday, August 14, 2011

Locovore Challenge

I have become very interested lately in the idea of 
eating more locally grown food...
mostly because of my belief that much of 
what we eat is so full of chemicals and
changed so dramatically that we are 
getting cancer at a more rapid rate then ever before, 
and it just plain tastes better!!!
So I set myself a personal challenge...
try to live as a locovore for 1 week.
I picked the easiest possible month, August...
and will go from Monday to Sunday of this week.

What is a locovore?
"You eat only foods available within a 100
mile radius of your home"

How to be a locovore:
1. Know your reasons for eating local foods
(see above)
2. Decide how strict you will be
(I will try, but with a gluten free diet, 
some grains etc. may not be grown locally)
3. Shop local Farmers Markets
4. Visit produce stands
5. Ask where food is from
6. Read labels
(I do that anyway to stay GF)
7. Distinguish between local and organic
(they are not one and the same)
8. Know the best seasons for various foods
9. Grow your own
( a little late in the year for that!)
10. Examine the source of your grains, dairy, meat and eggs
11. Minimize processed food

I am very excited about this challenge and will
post each day on my progress:)

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