Sunday, August 21, 2011

Locovore Challenge Day #7

I'm done!
I did it!
I was a locovore for a week:)
 Lunch...It's actually pretty amazing to have
a fast food place that is known for its'
local food and ingredients.
 Sunday Supper...always easy and simple
 What I learned this week

-I don't think being a complete locovore is
for me, but being a partial one ie: eating
what is in season and shopping at local
farms and stores is fine.
-I really missed odd things that I didn't know
I really even cared about, like Cheetos or coffee creamer!
-I felt great while on this challenge, but a person has
to be careful not to eat TOO many veggies, or the tummy
-Because I am GF, I have to eat with an eye on ingredients
anyway so that part was a given for me
-I really like to support local businesses, whether for food
or otherwise
-I think God just has such a creative eye to come
up with all the colors and tastes of fresh
fruits and veggies:)

Score for Day 7

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  1. Burgerville has blackberry lemonade now?! I might have to make a trip there soon! Congrats on your week of eating local.. I know it's hard to eat anything certain for a week!


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