Thursday, May 26, 2011

Revamped Album

 My sister had picked up this album at the
Goodwill Bin store for a few cents
and passed it on to me to see if I could come
up with an idea to reuse it. 

So in return for her Birthday (shhhh...)
I made it into an album for her.
She can put in her own photos
and favorite recipes. 
The papers are all Graphics 45.


  1. You do such a GREAT JOB! It looks very pretty. Love, Tara

  2. So adorable! That's on my list of places I am going to go to when I get to WA. :) Haha, I told Chris I was going to go to a junk store with my Mom, and he rolled his eyes and sighed. I think he doesn't want me to bring home anything else. :)


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