Monday, May 16, 2011

My 48th Birthday Week

 This past week I had my 48th Birthday.
I sent invites to my kids...just for the fun
of it:)
 The first day of my travels was spent alone  
on a tour of Hood River 
and the orchards in bloom on the
something I've never done even though I've
lived in this area all my life.
It was really beautiful and interesting!
I definitely plan to go back in the harvest season.
The second day I spent at our house
in Central Oregon and exploring
in and around that area.
The weather was lovely, and I felt all
my worries and anxiety melt away.
I have learned to accept that if I want to travel
and explore sometimes I have to 
be okay with being alone.
I know that may sound odd to some women,
but I have gotten used to it and really
quite enjoy it too:)
Tomorrow I'll let you see some more of
my lovely week...


  1. I've never been on that loop either. Your pictures are all so pretty!

  2. I'm accepting exploring alone already :) Collin doesn't enjoy slowly taking in all the sights like I do so I've learned it's easier to do some things by myself! I actually very much enjoy the rare occasion of shopping in Portland by myself. I like not feeling rushed, or waiting on anyone:)


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