Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mom's 85th Birthday Lunch

 How can you bless a Mother who at 85 still is
delighted to see you, loves each of her 8 children with
a passion, and is just as excited over grand baby #66
as over the first one?
You really can't..but a few of her extended
family got together for lunch today 
and by being with her tried to show our love.
 I was inspired by the fabric in the pic above for the 
colors and decor for the lunch. I wanted to bless
each of the ladies in my family too so I made
pancake mix "in a jar" and homemade syrup
for each to take home.
It's been 37 years (I believe) since all of my 7 sisters
were together! But at least those of us 
who live near by did today and even tho
we tired my Mom out:) I hope she enjoyed it!


  1. How fun! You are so lucky/blessed to have your Mom close by to be able to do things like this with her!

  2. How absolutely sweet and special...may the Lord continue to bless your beautiful mother! You are SO talented Karen; everything you do looks like it came from a magazine. I bet each one of your guests went away feeling special. May the Lord bless your loving heart!

  3. It looks like the party turned out wonderful! Looks so fun ~ wish I would've been able to go:)

  4. Karen this is lovely! i want to be invited to your parties!! they are so thoughtful and loving! you are inspiring lady!!! God bless you!!!!!!


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