Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Post #2

 After 2 days alone my family came
down to join me. That's always the best part
to have the house full of sound and laughter!
The kids always say that I take advantage 
of my birthday being a day they can't say no 
by making them go on a hike:) 
And yes, indeed it is true!
This year we hiked along the Metolius River
to the fish hatchery-5 miles round trip-
I was getting pretty nervous for my 
pregnant daughter,
she was kind of waddling by the end! and
my little granddaughter kept asking for 
chips because she was starving!
 Anyway that night everybody was treated to a delish
meal, my fave- BBQ chicken, potato salad,
biscuits and baked beans!
And then later to a cookie and milk bar with
5 different kinds of cookies:), choc and reg milk.
I put brown bags out and everybody could fill their 
bag with what ever kind they wanted.
Fun times but I think next year I'll let the kids make
the dinner!!


  1. Looks like another awesome party! One of my girls said the other day "Karen always has such neat parties!" And I said, "she sure does"!!! Glad you had a nice time with your family.

  2. looks great! and what an adventure you had! the fruit loop is a favorite of ours too..isn't it exhilarating going off by yourself on an adventure!?

  3. What a fun meal! Your kids are lucky :)

  4. Happy Birthday Karen!! Looks like you had a great time celebrating! Heard that my hubby and yours gets "hit with a double whammy" every year with birthdays and mother's day right around the same time. It was great to see you yesterday :)


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