Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dinner

Here are some photos of our family
dinner on Easter.
Table Decor
I made the tree from a branch which I put in
a vintage bucket and then decorated 
with paper flowers and tags.
The eggs in the wire stand are real, they
happened to be just the right colors!
I did a baked potato bar
with toppings and instructions on how
to make an Irish sundae
like they have at the Fair.
For dessert we had a meringue shell
with chocolate whip cream and berries.
I also set up a salad bar with all the toppings 
to make a special salad we call the 
Copper River,
from the restaurant of the same name.
It has a combo of honey mustard 
and hot bacon dressing! Yum!


  1. how cool Karen! I love those Irish sundaes all too much!! You are so creative! Everything looks great!

  2. You are so cool Karen! How fun to get to spoil with your family with all your creativity! Love all you did:)

  3. Now this is really neat, what a great idea!! I bet your family loved it, I know I would!
    Lisa ;-)

  4. That all looks so good and pretty - I love potato and salad bars!


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