Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playroom Mural etc.

I'm continuing to work on getting the 
Playroom up and running.
I took a bulletin board I already had...
Painted the frame dark brown, and added a 
paper banner and butterflies.
My grand daughter said
"So Pretty! You make it for me?"

Then I painted a floor to ceiling mural on one wall
Using my Cricut I cut out paper leaves 
to add some dimension and then
strung a paper banner.
The tree was an inspiration from
Pottery Barn Kids.
Brielle immediately tried to climb it!
I hope a tree in a playroom won't
be a bad idea!

I'm linking up at Delightful Order
for the Thursday Party again!


  1. LOVE!!! A tree in the playroom is a great idea! (only because I have one too.) I have the sweetest little girl who comes to play at my house and when she comes over, she asks me "Can I go play in your tree house?" It's so cute - she feels like she's in a tree house in my toy closet. Your tree looks great! Thanks for linking!

  2. Wow - you are amazing! The mural is just beautiful - you are definitely an artist! The whole playroom is turning out sooo cute:)

  3. Very cute - and I loved the doll furniture, too!

  4. You are so creative-and I'm glad that cricut is getting lots of use:)


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