Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning Experience

The Artisan Fair is over and done! After all the work and time...was it worth it? Well I learned a lot! I sold almost everything:)...
But didn't make much profit:( Thats okay, I got the experience and I can learn from that. I hope all the other vendors did better at the profit margins! Glad its over...ready to just focus on Christmas!


  1. I can say our table did well, I don't think our profit was great. Sharalee may have made more profit because she has so much fabric on hand. Our raffle to raise money to send to India did well too. All the work, lack of sleep etc.....but would I do it again- probably!

  2. Oh!! I wish i could have made it!!

  3. well I bet your clothes flew off the table!I did hear you had excellent prices!


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