Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Story of A Table

Once upon a time, in the past,
not so far back that it can't be remembered,
a young girl bought a table.
The money she had earned was 
very precious to her and so 
when she went to the thrift store to
make her purchase, she never
forgot the day.
She painted it and added a fabric skirt
and it became her very first real piece of
furniture that no one else had bought.

Many years passed and the girl became a 
wife, a mom, Grannie and great Grannie.
Every time she visited at her aging parents
home she saw the table in the closet
and wished she could ship it to her home
but it wasn't really worth shipping 3000 miles.
Then the parents were both gone and the 
house was being emptied.
The owner of the table looked at it longingly
and told the story to her sisters
who were helping go through the lifetime
of memories.
The table was given to a sister instead,
with the honor of refinishing it and selling it.
When she began to strip off the top 
 she found 4 layers of
wallpaper spanning many styles
and decades.
When the table was finally stripped and cleaned
it got a new coat of paint and a pretty knob.

Then a new era of the tables' story came to be.
Another girl wanted to have it
and so it was given to her as a birthday surprise.

This girl is the first girls only brothers' daughter.
So it was not given away to a stranger,
but only went to stay now in the same family
but a different house.
And the Girl who was resides at 
while the Girl who is resides at

 In our family the Girl who was
is the story teller so this story is told
to honor her many gifts
and to share a little piece of her life. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's that time of year again!

This is my garage after a very 
successful day of garage sales!
Won't be parking in there anytime soon!

Painting and sanding,
washing and scrubbing...
I love it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summertime Look

I had refinished a coffee table
to sell at Rusty Glamour 
and it just did not sell.
Finally I decided I would take it home and 
use it in my house for awhile.
I think people need to have more
vision as to how a piece might be
added to their home as I think it
looks pretty darn good!
All I had to do was add in some teal
hydrangeas and it made everything go together.
The pillow covers were in the closet
and the little "soda" wagon was 
purchased at a garage sale.
It is waiting for the new baby to be
a photo prop, but in the meantime
can be my decor:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Garage Sale-For Sale

I sure have been enjoying this years
season of Garage sales.
I know a lot more about what sells
at Rusty Glamour so I'm trying to be
more careful and think through my purchases
before I buy and also how much $
 it will cost to upcycle, so I'm sure to 
make a profit on all my items.
Here are some new ones that just
went in the shop.
 The piece of fabric above only required
one side to be cut and the bottom 
pockets sewed on, it fit perfectly on the
bulletin board!

 The technique on the bottles and holders is the
faux zinc with Annie Sloan wax and paint.
This is a lined bicycle basket:)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Front Porch Tales

I started on my front porch very
early in the spring and just forgot
to post pics until now.
So some of the flowers are a little 
past their prime.
Whenever I sit out on my porch
someone walking by will stop to say
how much they like it!
Kind of fun to know that I'm blessing
the neighborhood:)
My mason jars hung up as candle holders
are the one thing people really notice.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Whew, we made it!!

My youngest child graduated from
high school this week,
by the skin of his teeth!
When he walked across the stage for 
his diploma I went weak all over 
with relief...
He has been blessed with 4 wonderful guys
as friends since babyhood 
and they all enjoyed a grad open house
Go Guys!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heart Cry

Where is God?

Where is God? I question Him every day.
I know He's God of the good times,
but I'm asking Him as I pray,
"I've seen You years past in the bad times,
what are You doing or are You
working on this steep and uphill climb?"
No sign from Him hand written on walls,
His word lies opened but silent
it won't speak to my heart at all,
of these trials, troubles, yawning grief.
Is my heart sealed to protect me
from some other death that's like a thief?
A barren place, no En Gedi here,
seasons of joy replaced by dry,
no abundant rain to make all clear.
When He is silent I cry alone.
Is He really there, close at hand,
and why is He hiding His throne?
There's no burning bush, no holy ground,
though I seek and loudly call.
But He's not here when I turn around.
Dull gray leaden clouds, a brassy sky
my words bounce back to earth it seems,
my breath released in a shuddering sigh.
All I know of His love and grace,
all I've seen of Him lifetime through,
tells me He is surely in this place.
I wrestle him unseen in the night,
crying out that He must bless me,
daybreak dawns, He is gone out of sight.
I hold onto what His word has shown,
faith is not sight or none I have
It is the unseen that faith is known.
If questions remain, no answers come,
my mind troubled waters stir,
then into the pool this faith must plunge!
He is God when He is silent too,
He is God when He thunders loud
He is God when faith is sight renewed.
If He can't be trusted now then when?
I lean hard into promised joy
He fails me not--and peace reigns again.

By Karen Helmes

Friday, June 7, 2013

How Many Ways can I use Canning Jars?

I've been using canning jars in so many
ways for the items I sell.
I guess it's because it's that time of year
when a person thinks about preserving 
all the fresh fruits and veggies.
However I don't do that!
I use them in every other way though...
 Storage, candles, twine holder
The red candles are in jars inside a canning holder
I painted white.
All these are for sale at Rusty G

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Love of God

I kneel at the altar rail,
sun streaming in the windows,
loneliness assails.
I cannot go on in this,
I wail out within my soul,
alone, sad, adrift.
Up beautiful swells the song,
around me kneel His people,
I can't be alone!
Where God is, there is always love,
when His people love, He reigns.
I am swept above,
On wings of song, sacrament
I lift up my tear stained face
this is what is meant,
by trials His love is proved,
by sorrow is love redeemed,
faith again renewed.

Communion Sunday June 2, 2013
By Karen Helmes

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Coffee Table w/ Chalk board

I found the perfect coffee table to redo. 
I was looking for something with squares 
and this was amazingly exact to what I wanted.
The main part of the table is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in Cream
with the wax finish, and the squares
are chalkboard paint.
Wouldn't this be great for grand kids
to write on or for
keeping score while playing a game?!
It will be for sale at Rusty G as soon as I can
fit it in my booth.