Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Love about 2 Year Old Boys

2 year old boys say "Hi Gramma!"
with more excitement than anyone else
in the world greets me.
When walking past other folks porches
they go to investigate all the pumpkins,
 try to pick them up
and hopefully say "My punkin, Gramma?"
Everything they see is so exciting
and  "why" is their favorite question.
They love BIG trucks
They say innocently when leaving
my house "Now I want to go see Grandpa!"
not knowing the stab that goes in my heart.
If the Grandma gets too wild while playing 
they scold her and say "NO, Gramma, no
fall down!"
If they can't see me for a few seconds 
they scramble up from their play and come
seeking me out, 
my time with them is too precious to be wasted!
They still snuggle and love to be cuddled
but the kisses are now labeled "jucky".
All the people they love are called
as if they own the world and all the love in it.
They like to make sure all the dolls 
have "bankys" so they can be "cozy".
Best of all when they run their whole body
swings with that 2 year old rhythm
and they can run so "FAS".

Love you my Precious 2 year old!


  1. Awww Piercie ... Grammy needs you in her life right now. God knew and made it happen :))))) Love you Karen - Faith


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