Sunday, October 13, 2013

Memory Bears

There were two little girls,
 taken young to heaven
who left us here to mourn them,
one at 3 and one at 7.
Gone to be with Jesus many years
but always and forever in their 
Mama's heart.
In boxes in a closet now that 
she is gone,
we find the memories packed with love 
and tears
and nighttime song.
From those sisters, one I never knew,
and one I saw go home
I chose a dress to keep them close 
and remind me of my mom,
who never ceased to long for them
through many many years. 
And from those little dresses came these
memory bears.

In memory of Pauline, age 3- the plaid bear
In memory of Janet, age 7- the blue bear
In memory of Mom who loved and never forgot

Lovingly and beautifully crafted by 
my dear cousin Emma.

She used the buttons, collars, lace and zipper
 along with the dress fabric.
( the embroidery on the feet was done by Janet 
on a piece of white fabric
and found in the boxes too)


  1. What a lovely, lovely tribute to Mom and the girls! My heart is bursting! Nice poem, too. Thank you, Karen and Emma!

  2. Love your poem! The bears are adorable!! What a sweet, tangible remembrance!

  3. This is beautiful. What a sweet way to remember them! And, that poem, makes my heart feels all good-achy.


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