Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ode to an Empty House

"Ode to An Empty House"
in memory of my childhood home
and my parents who went to Glory this year

The house lies silent in the sun,
the sound of wind sighing in the 
trees no more.
I turn my key in the lock
and step inside the door.
Gleaming floors reflect filtered light
  no foot heard on the stairway treads,
  the stillness of an empty home.
The rail that felt a thousand childrens' hands
polished to a golden brown.
No Mama in the kitchen,
 no Daddy in his chair
the cupboard doors hide nothing now
there's empty shelves and bare.
Each step across this floor, 
hundreds of times each day
  the footsteps got slower over time
 but the love it yet remained.
Only silence in an empty house,
they've crossed the threshold o'er
and from here I cannot see them
standing on the other shore.
 The silence echoes a sad refrain 
 and empty rooms are all I have to see,
  the tears trace hot and salty pathways
and memories linger free.
Goodbye house,
 home of love and grace,
the walls would echo if they could
that God dwelt in this place.

(My childhood home, ready to sell
Beautiful memories available for free!
Anyone who buys this house will be blessed
I know! There's been so much love and goodness
and godliness here that the very walls breath it out.)

by Karen Helmes


  1. Aww Karen, you make tears come! Yes this home was filled with God's love and grace; so many memories dear! Praying for His love to wash over you and fill your heart with joy and gladness knowing all the blessings your life has held! I can't imagine being in your steps ... I love you Karen! And God loves you so much more!!

  2. Ouch. Emptiness! Love you, KAren.

  3. You are such a skilled poet, somehow conveying so much with few words. Beautiful tribute...

  4. Love the way you can express it Karen ... Through my tears I read and know it's truth ! Love you sis. Faith

  5. Oh my heart!! How empty it seems..but I still see love there. Still praying. Still wishing I could hug you.

  6. Beautiful. I can only imagine how that must feel! So hard!


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